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                                                                                                 FAME Food BankOur Mission:The Faith Alive ministries (FAME) food bank has been set up to help people in crisis and those experiencing hardship, through provision of emergency food supplies.   Whilst our key aim is to help fight hunger in general, our target group is the student population in Brighton; especially those who have applied for crisis/hardship loansor are currently living below the breadline.  The student services department of universities and colleges help refer student in genuine need of assistance. We provide food parcels and toiletries. We also stock a limited quantityof baby items such as pampers and baby wipes for those students with young families.With everincreasing tuition fees, mounting debts and the rising cost of living in Brighton, a lot of students now live below the breadline and find themselves in desperateneed of help, yet this goes unnoticed.  As the only food bank in Brighton and Hove that specifically targets students, we aim to address the ‘hidden hunger’ facing the student population in our community.How does it work?To quality for our emergency food parcel, youneed to be referred to our food bank by the Students Welfare department in your school.  Students experiencing hardship are advised to contact the Student Services department in their respective schools in the first instance; they would assess their needs and in turn make a referral to our food bank on their behalf via email. We organise food distribution at least once a month, the dates are usually communicated well in advance to the universities and colleges in Brighton.Food Bank Location/Distribution centre:PrestAmex House,171 – 173 Preston Road, BrightonBN1 6AGFood Distribution dates 2014:July - Friday, 25th JulyAugust – Friday, 29th August.September – Friday, 26th SeptemberOctober – Friday,  11th& 25th OctoberNovember  - Friday, 8th& 29th NovemberDecember – 20th December How to Collect Food Parcels:We recognise the emotional heartache of sometimes accepting help and that is why we have made the processing of collecting food really easy. Simply visit our food distribution centre between the hours of 12:00noon and 4pm on any of the food distribution days.  All we ask is that you have your student ID to hand;as this needs to be cross-checked with the referral email received from your school. Once this all checks out okay, you’ll receive our emergency food and toiletries pack.How to donate food items:The FAME food bank is currently funded by the Church however we welcome donations from other individuals or groups who would like to make a difference and impact the life of students in our community. Donations of food items or money are welcome. This can be made in person by visiting the food distribution centre/church office. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01273 561853 to discuss other ways of making a donation.Meet The FAME food bank team:Mary-Ann Onyimba – Food Bank Co-ordinatorNosa Igharo – Food distribution managerAccess to FAME Free Internet café:Faith Alive Ministries also run an internet café and all students visiting the food bank are allowed free access to use our computers on food distribution days. Frequently Asked Questions• Can I contact the FAME food bank on other days outside the designated food distribution dates?Yes, you can.  We are here to help people in need whenever possible. If you are in need of immediate assistance, we can arrange to provide you with food items outside of the food distribution dates, provided we have food items in stock.• What’s the full address of the food bank centre?PrestAmex House171 – 173 Preston RoadBrightonBN1 6AG• If I am not a student but desperately in need of emergency food parcels, can I still contact the food bank?In exceptional circumstances, we are able to also provide assistance to other members of the public that are not necessarily students, especially to the other young and vulnerable people. We also have a special pack for the homeless.• Does the food bank provide financial assistance?Due to our limited resources, unfortunately we are not able to provide financial assistance.• Is there a maximum number of times within a month/year that I am allowed to visit the food bank?No, there is no cap/limit on the number of times you are allowed to visit the food bank within a set period. We are here to help and provide assistance for as long as it is possible to do so; provided each visit is backed by a referral from the student services department of your school.